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 Because the Des Moines River doesn't begin at Hwy 20 and end at Hwy. 92
Des Moines River Water Trail-est. 2000

This site is dedicated to Dick LeCroy, who worked tirelessly for conservation and the Des Moines River for many decades.  In 1999, Dick took on the establishment of the water trail and was of immeasureable assistance in all efforts to make it a reality.  Sadly, he passed away before funding could be fully secured.  He would be most proud of what has been accomplished and would be impatient to finish the work.

 Read a tribute to Richard V. Lecroy from Gov. Vilsack
celebrating his many decades of work on the Des Moines River Greenbelt.

2014 events

10/1/14_The Dam Solution -- I'm really looking forward to this class -- thinking of a time when the dams in downtown Des Moines are "fixed" -- The class will be highly visual, with imagery and videos that help explain both serious and fun topics. Then, the focus shifts to examples of safer, innovative solutions communities are embracing across Iowa. Three low-head dams in Des Moines - Center Street, Scott Street, and Fleur Drive dams - will serve as case studies where 19 deaths have occurred over the years and fisheries productivity is reduced. The technology and know-how is now available to fix these dams to reduce deaths. The same solutions can often reconnect fish movement while reducing navigation barriers. Learn about the latest research and exciting solutions to dam problems in central Iowa and beyond.

There is so much going on with water trails and on the Des Moines River Water Trail.  The DNR, the county Conservation Boards, the RCDs, Fish and Wildlife, Federal Recreational Trails and cities and counties are doing great work establishing and enhancing water trails all over the state. 

My personal favorite project is the conversion of the Boone Water Works dam to a rock arch rapids, which is near completion.  There is an excellent article on the project in the Boone newspaper...

According to the article, our own Nate Hoogeveen designed the project.  So there will be rock arch rapids less than an hour away from Des Moines.  There are still low head dams to be modified in Humboldt, Gotch Park, Fort Dodge and Fraser to make a continuous water trail on the north Des Moines River.  The article also says that there is work being done on 10 rock arch rapids in Iowa.

Just to remind you-I found one of Luther Aadland's rock arch rapids in Wahpeton, ND in 2003 and paddled over it.  I brought back the video and showed it at the Canoesport Expo.  I have pushed for low head dam modification since 2001, when I was first appointed to the scoring committee of the Federal Recreational Trails program.  I am thrilled to see how far we have come, let's finish the work from Estherville to Saylorville!

2012 events

An outstanding water trail dedication at the confluence of Lizard Creek and the Des Moines River.  John and Todd from DNR and the great folks from Ft. Dodge and Webster County did a wonderful job in creating a beautiful space with river access.  Now we just need to add some water.

The new Iowa Water Trail Association is doing good work, the e-newsletter is packed with good information.  Water trails are hot!

My health-still not good, but I do get down to the river and enjoy the views.

2011 events

Numerous events were sponsored by Central Iowa Paddlers.  Due to health problems (including an automobile accident), I was not able to get out on the river.  I attended the dedication of the Middle River Water Trail, which is a tributary of the Des Moines River.  The DNR and County Conservation boards put on an outstanding event.

2010 events

Super paddler John Craun paddled from Estherville to Keokuk in late April and early May to raise funds for the Hickory Ridge Wilderness area.  The project is sponsored by Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, which is accepting donations.  John made the 400 mile trip in 7 days.

Sleepy Hollow Sports Park is now offering canoe trips from Pleasant Hill (Vandalia Road access) to Webbs Camping in Hartford.  They are a full service outfitter.  See the web site for details.

I regret that health issues have kept me off the river.  I was only able to paddle twice this year.  I have been pleased to watch the progress of the River Program of the Iowa DNR as the staff works to develop water trails on hundreds of river miles.

2009 events

Dedication of water trail campground at Yellow Banks park 10/2/09.  The campground is just below the pit toilets at the turn to the boat ramp.  We had a fire and shared river stories on a rainy night, then had a great ceremony.

Boone County water trail dedication 9/19 at the Hwy. 30 access.  Keeping with tradition, the event coordinators have arranged for the firing of cannon that signifies the start of the cleanup.  There was a huge crowd, John Wenck did a great job as MC.

Canoe Van Buren was July 11 and 12.  Another excellent event.  Good newspaper and TV (KTVO) coverage.  Check out the video at KTVO.  Wapello County float 7/25 was a good time.

Webster County water trail dedication was Friday, July 10, 12PM; 326 11th Ave. North, in Fort Dodge (contact the Webster CCB for more information at 515-576-4258)

   Access Points --404 miles from Estherville to Keokuk

Des Moines River Water Trail

Mileage estimates are based on Corps river gauges, printed distances in various guides, and my own     GPS readings. 

This chart includes the river mile for each access point, dam, or bridge.  This listing has not been updated for several years.  Please contact the DNR or your local conservation board for current information.

Access In or Near County Approximate
River Mile
17 county conservation boards . . (including Hamilton County and Kossuth County) endorsed the water trail in 1999-2001.  There is much more work to be done, since only Van Buren, Polk, Webster, Marion and Boone counties have developed a water trail in their sections of the river (also Hamilton for the Boone River.)     *Corps Gauge
4th St. Estherville Emmet 1 405
City Park    Estherville Emmet 9 404*
Peterson Wallingford Emmet 17 395
Basswood Emmetsburg Palo Alto 13 380*
Mulroney Rodman Palo Alto 8 367
River Runner West Bend Palo Alto 6 359
Hamm's Bridge Rolfe Pocahontas 4 353
Willow Bradgate Humboldt 10 349
Rutland Dam (portage required) Rutland Humboldt 3 341
Oxbow Park Humboldt Humboldt 2 338
Lower Sheldon Humboldt Humboldt 2 336
Hydo dam (portage required) Humboldt Humboldt 1 335
First Ave. bridge Humboldt Humboldt 6 334*
Gotch Park Humboldt Humboldt .2 328
REC Cornbelt dam (portage required) Humboldt Humboldt 7 328
Deer Creek access Ft. Dodge Webster 7 321
Hydo dam (portage required) Ft. Dodge Webster 3 314*
  Estherville to Ft. Dodge  . . . . . . . .  91
Low head dam, boat ramp (portage required) Ft. Dodge Webster 13 311
Dolliver State Park Lehigh Webster 3 297
Lehigh, upper and lower Lehigh Webster 3 294
Deception Hollow Lehigh Webster 14 291
Skillet Dayton Webster 1 277*
Hwy. 175 bridge Stratford Webster 1 276
Carlson Recreation area   Webster 9 275
Fraser, upper and lower  (portage required) Fraser Boone 6 266
Boone Waterworks (portage required) Boone Boone 7 261
Boone Hwy. 30 Boone Boone 5 254
Ledges Luther Boone 3 249
Luther Luther Boone 4 246
Sportsman's Access Luther Boone 5 242
Laurie Madrid Boone 3 237
Woodward sub-1 ramp Woodward Dallas 9 233
Jester Park Saylorville Dam Polk 11 224
Saylorville dam (portage required)   Polk 1 213*

Ft. Dodge to Saylorville . .  . . . . . . 102  
Cottonwood Saylorville Dam Polk 1 212
Sycamore Des Moines Polk 6 211
Prospect Des Moines Polk 2 205
Birdland  (portage required around Center St. dam below Birdland) Des Moines Polk 3 203
Scott Ave. dam (portage required) Des Moines Polk 1 200*
Harriet St. Des Moines Polk 6 199
Vandalia Rd./Hwy. 65 Pleasant Hill Polk 4 195
Yellowbanks State Park Vandalia Polk 10 191
Hartford Runnels Polk/Warren 8 180*
Bennington Runnels Marion 8 173
Boxcars Monroe Marion 8 164
Elk Rock Lake Red Rock Marion 9 153
South Access (portage required) Lake Red Rock Marion 1 143*

Saylorville dam to Red Rock dam . . . . . . . . . . . .  72
Tailwater Lake Red Rock Marion 19 142*
Eveland Bussey Mahaska 8 122
Hardfish Eddyville Monroe 16 114
Black Hawk Ottumwa Wapello 2 98
City Park Ottumwa Wapello 1 96
Hydro dam (portage required) Ottumwa Wapello 1 95
Coliseum Ottumwa Wapello 4 94*
Cliffland Agency Wapello 11 89
Eldon Eldon Wapello 5 78
Shidepoke Selma Van Buren 5 73
Douds Douds Van Buren 10 68
Austin Park Keosauqua Van Buren 6 59
Keosauqua Keosauqua Van Buren 8 51*
Bentonsport Bentonsport Van Buren 4 44
Bonaparte Bonaparte Van Buren 4 39
Des Moines River Bonaparte Van Buren 3 35
Farmington Farmington Van Buren 10 32
Turkey Run Argyle Lee 10 22
St. Francisville St. Francisville, Mo.   11 12
Red Wing Keokuk Lee 1 1
  Red Rock to the Mississippi . . . . . .  141

Total River Miles   404




Dick was the mover and shaker in the establishment of the Ding Darling Greenway from Saylorville to Center St.  He was a supporter of the MLK Extension that was to be done in an environmentally sensitive way through the Greenway.  Should this project come to fruition, it would be appropriate to name it the Richard LeCroy Memorial extension.

I would also like to see Dick LeCroy honored with the full development of the rest of the Des Moines River Water Trail.  One key project is the conversion of the Boone Waterworks low head dam to a paddler and angler friendly rock arch rapids.  The DOT should make this one of their highest priorities so that there are no more deaths.  My suggestion: make this project a memorial to Jim Mills (paddling from the stern in the pic below), deceased, who embraced the Des Moines River Water Trail in his postion with the Army Corps of Engineers and participated in the
trail dedication in June of 2000 which ended at the Boone Waterworks upper access.




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